Silencers Do More Than Save Your Hearing

Here are some valuable facts to help you learn more about the benefits of Gemtech silencers.

A silencer traps the explosive gas leaving the barrel after the bullet; by trapping this gas the shooter has less felt recoil. After training the shooter will no longer anticipate recoil allowing better control of the weapon.
With the gases being trapped by a silencer there is less muzzle rise, and better weapon handling with each shot. This enables the shooter to stay on target much easier and not waste time regaining a sight picture. This application is easily applied to the competitive shooter and hunter. In a timed scenario staying on target and quickly dispatching a controlled pair can greatly increase the shooters efficiency. For the hunter a bad shot can be quickly followed up to decrease the amount of unnecessary suffrage of the animal and less need for tracking a wounded animal.
Modern ammunition is engineered to be as consistent and accurate as possible. A suppressor will typically increase the muzzle velocity of ammunition and maintain if not improve shot group. The silencer is enabling the shooter to be more accurate by providing a much less violent platform to operate. The less recoil, reduced muzzle rise and overall better weapons manipulation leads to a more accurate shooter.
Gemtech's .22LR and 300 Blackout ammunition is made from recycled lead and are held to very stringent manufacturing criteria. This results in extremely consistent and dependable ammunition. Testing on the .22LR ammunition proved its accuracy and reliability in a multitude of firearms which normally malfunction with standard rimfire ammunition.

Our 300 Blackout ammunition maintains uniform sub sonic velocities on a wide variety of barrels lengths and still maintains reliability both suppressed and unsuppressed.

"For what this new ammunition is designed for; I love it. It's quite accurate, and feeds everything I own that uses a suppressor. If there is a stand out feature, it has to be the reliability of the subsonic round. There are plenty of quiet ammunition options, but many tend to have problems cycling a wide range of semi-automatic actions. The Gemtech ammunition ran smooth and quiet. Even with the typical velocity devastation in rimfire ammunition, I did not have a single round break the sound barrier."

- Precision Shooting Magazine
The conclusion written by Steve Boelter


"Complaints that a suppressor somehow degrades accuracy, ballistic efficiency or precision are pure mythology. While suppressors do not make your rifle more accurate, they certainly allow you to shoot it more accurately. In my 15 years of training police marksman, this has proven true hundreds of times. Well-built suppressors reduce felt recoil, especially on 7.62MM NATO rifles. They reduce muzzle rise and flash and all but eliminate the concussive effect felt by the shooter. Repeat shots are faster, accuracy is better and marksmen teams remain concealed after application. The better the suppressor, the greater the effect...

Gemtech has been building quality suppressors since 1993. That experience, coupled with the company's long-standing focus on customer service, has put Gemtech at the forefront of the suppressor industry. Gemtech suppressors have been deployed by some of the world's most elite units, and they are frequently found attached to the rifles of America's working law enforcement professionals."

- David Bahde
An excerpt from Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, Oct. 2013, page 82

"I am a 3-gun competition shooter, and I shoot several rifle calibers with Gemtech suppressors, as well as .22LR on rifles and pistols. Shooting .22LR suppressed is great for training and makes instructing much easier without all the hearing protection normally needed during a day at the range. I was amazed by the amount of noise reduction using my Gemtech with center fire rifle cartridges, but best of all, I was totally impressed by the reduction in recoil which helped with the speed and accuracy of follow up shots. I totally recommend using Gemtech suppressors as a means to improve your shooting enjoyment for recreational or competitive needs."

Robert Johnson