Shipping Policy

BEFORE SHIPPING Please CALL OR EMAIL us using the Contact Us page.

Should your GEMTECH Suppressor require service, it should be returned to GEMTECH in a secure container (Do not ship in a presentation case). It is not necessary to take the suppressor to a dealer for shipment. However, before shipping your suppressor, call or e-mail our Customer Support Dept. for authorization and shipping instructions.

Do NOT ship any ammunition. The package must NOT bear any markings which indicate the identity of the contents.

When shipping a suppressor or firearm, it is most important that you comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The following guidelines are meant to help, but you must seek assistance from the appropriate authorities if necessary. Check chambers to ensure that they are unloaded. Do not ship ammunition. Do not attempt to ship a handgun via US Postal Service; only federally licensed dealers may ship a firearm by US Postal Service.

GEMTECH's shipping address can also be found on the Contact Us page.

Since we cannot assume responsibility for custom parts and accessories, such as stocks, special sights, or holsters, please remove these items before returning your firearm.

Warranty repair work will begin upon receipt and examination of the suppressor. In the case of repairs or work not covered by the warranty, a quotation covering the cost of the work plus round trip transportation charges will be sent to you. Repairs or modification will begin upon receipt of payment.

Please see section 3 of RETURN OF SUPPRESSORS for complete details and for the General Service form required for shipping.