300 BLK is one of the most versatile cartridges ever created. The can is versatile in a sporting and self-defense sense, in that there are very good and reliable bullets available across a wide disparity of bullet weight, cross-sectional density, and ballistic coefficient. This gives rise to an outstanding variety of subsonic and supersonic loads appropriate for almost any use.

So why would you purchase a dedicated 300 BLK can? The 300 BLK can is specifically designed for the inherent characteristics of the cartridge. Using a generic multicaliber suppressor rated for 300 BLK can lead to inefficient sound suppression and abnormally high first-round-pop. This is typically because the baffle systems are designed for higher pressures.

For exotic sporting purposes, short barreled rifles can be made extremely short using 300 BLK because the cartridge was designed originally using pistol powder. Barrels can be very short while maximizing potential velocity from this reliable cartridge. Also, in the AR15 platform, the only thing that has to be changed is the barrel. The entire recoil system is exactly the same as a standard 5.56, including the magazines.


300 BLK has one of the most reliable bullets for each specific purpose, as .308 caliber bullets have refined engineering for each specific purpose. Even after a decade, the design holds strong. The cartridge is adopted by small groups of U.S. military and foreign militaries, which speaks volumes about the cartridge’s dependability and reliability.

In general, dedicated 300 BLK cans are smaller and lighter than generic .30 caliber rifle cans. Dedicated 300 BLK cans are easy to disassemble and clean because the 300 BLK gets extremely dirty when using subsonic ammunition and some supersonic loads.

Our 300 BLK has the G-Core design. It is extremely quick and easy to disassemble and clean, since a typical .30 cal bore brush fits perfectly in all the nooks and crannies.

300 BLK cans are reliable, dependable, serviceable, versatile, and lightweight. If you originally thought a dedicated 300 BLK can is redundant, you should ABSOLUTELY reconsider.